WIAW: MediClear Cleanse Edition

I’m one week into the second and last cleanse I’m doing so hopefully this is the last What I Ate Wednesday where I’ll have to discuss these eats!

There actually are two more Wednesdays when I’ll be on this cleanse, but I won’t be blogging those eats as it’ll just depress me, haha.

Ooh before I get started, I updated yesterday’s 20 Questions post because I had mentioned that the ‘coolest’ thing I had done all week was make progress in a new yoga pose but I didn’t know the name.

Well, as I know you’re all dying to find out (really I just hate leaving things unanswered!), I asked my teacher and it is Bird of Paradise pose. I updated yesterday’s post with photos of what the pose looks like in full execution. Right now I’m working through level 1 of the pose, which looks a bit like this:

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But it’s progress people! New poses always get me super excited :).

Anyway, back to WIAW… here are just some random eats from throughout my first week on this cleanse so you can get an idea of what it’s like. Honestly, it’s not all that bad – it’s easy enough when I’m at home, it’s eating out that’s been tough (my friend, who is Mexican, threw a birthday party where she cooked up Mexican food for everyone and I showed up with a quinoa salad and proceeded to eat only that all night while people around me enjoyed the delicious Mexican goodies. Yeah, that was close to torture.)


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Aside from the most delicious gluten-free pancakes EVER (make them with almond flour) thanks to The Daily Dietribe, breakfast has been oats as usual, cooked in rice or almond milk with a few tablespoons of almond flour thrown in for thickness and protein. I’ve been topping it with applesauce and broken up walnuts.


I made date balls, a recipe I got from the cleanse’s recommended cookbook, the Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook (which has an amazing blog – click here for the blog and here for the energy ball recipe).

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I also made Clean Eating Chelsey’s vegan gluten-free blueberry banana bread (make it with 1 cup brown rice flour, 1/2 cup almond flour and 1/2 cup coconut flour for an amazing moist turnout) and I threw in some walnuts for crunch!

Mine does not look nearly as good as Chelsey’s, but I promise it tastes great!

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Hummus on brown rice crackers has also been a saviour when I don’t want anything sweet.

Copyright to The Guiltless Life


Copyright to The Guiltless Life

Smoothies, smoothies and more smoothies :(.


Copyright to The Guiltless Life

Cheese-less butternut squash risotto, adapted from my recipe, with roasted vegetables marinated in Dijon mustard, oil and balsamic vinegar.

Chinese stir fry (a la my recipe here, but without the soy sauce and oyster sauce and instead made using Bragg’s).

And lucky girl, I found a restaurant willing to make me some sushi using steamed brown rice (because they put sugar on the sushi rice usually) so I have been having a couple of vegetable rolls now and again (that don’t look like the above photo I took last year because, well, they’re made with steamed brown rice…). Sorry for not having a photo but I inhaled the sushi so fast when I got it because I was just so glad to be having sushi again. I used Bragg’s to dip it in rather than soy sauce.


  • Let me know if you have any questions about the cleanse at all!
  • What’s the best thing you ate this week?


  1. I have never seen that pose! Fun! I will have to try it ; )

    The cleanse looks like it would not be too bad! Im loving the things you are eating on it! I love the sushi especially!

    Happy Wednesday love!

    • Definitely try it, though I would say ask a yoga teacher at your studio to show you first, as the way you transition in and out of it is super important, and form too, otherwise you could really hurt yourself! It’s best to do when really warmed up because it requires certain openness through the legs and hips. Good luck!

  2. hey, you are right – this food all looks pretty tasty!

  3. Mmm That cleanse food looks good!! Depressing? lol /someone/ is spoioled.. I won’t say who! hahaha

    • Haha yes, the food has been good, I’m more bummed about not being able to really socialize because when I go out or to someone’s place I have no idea what they’ve made their food with. It’s more restrictive than before, when I would be pretty clean at home but allow myself more flexibility when eating out. I’m coping though! Just miss my dark chocolate!

  4. Your eats look great!

  5. All those look delicious! Such tasty treats.
    Oh my goodness, I didn’t know they put sugar in the rice in sushi! I love sushi so much, guess I need to start asking for the brown like you did. It’s so sad how everyone dumps sugar on everything and anything. Sugar just shouldn’t be in a main dish!
    With your cleanse, I want to know all the benefits and the nitty gritty of how you’ve felt. I’ve been planning to go on a cleanse but am afraid of the detox period where I’ll feel awful for most of it! And then worry I won’t see any improvement in health or energy. Maybe that’s too much you want to share, but I’m very interested in hearing all about it!

    • I know, I hate how sugar is in everything grr…it’s even in seasoned rice vinegar, which I like to use to dress my rice when I make sushi at home. So annoying!

      Thanks for the questions; I will definitely share! I’ll put together a summary post when I’m finished the detox with a breakdown about how I felt along the way!

  6. I want sushi now but you can have the cleanse 🙂 I’ve done a few cleanses in my life and at this point don’t think I will ever do another one, they just are not for me. I’m happy yours is working out for you though! Have you noticed any changes?

    • Haha well my situation was a little unusual, I didn’t do it just for cleansing as most people do but rather to see if it would help out with some health issues. I won’t really know if it worked in that regard until I’m off the cleanse and back onto regular food, but I certainly have tons of energy and feel great! I also tested my alkalinity using litmus paper and I am way more alkaline (8.0!) than acidic (I was 6.6 when I started the cleanse), and the body wants to be 7.0+ so I guess I’m on a good track there! I do miss my dark chocolate though :(…

  7. By looking at what you’re eating…I wouldn’t even know you’re on a cleanse! It all looks delicious. It just really forces you to get creative huh…kudos! Hope you’re feeling better on it!

    • I know, the food is pretty good, it’s just the yucky smoothie powder they’re giving me to have and the fact that it’s really tough to socialize that are making this tough – but otherwise it’s good and I do feel better, way more energy!

  8. Anna what type of yoga are you doing that involves this amazing pose! That requires some serious flexibility! Do you practice at home as well or just at classes?

    • Hey Ali! Thanks so much – I’ve taken a couple of different classes that included this pose – hatha, flow, power – any of those will if your teacher is teaching advanced poses. But I’m not that flexible, honestly, my hamstrings are quite tight which is why my leg is not yet straight – having said that, it does require an amount of flexibility in the legs and hips but I never have that walking into class. She takes us into this pose when we are very warm! That helps a TON. I do small practices at home like vinyasas and sun salutations before bed etc but I rarely do a whole practice at home just because I’m the kind of person that finds that tough. There are a bunch of good YouTube classes out there though!

  9. yumm!! some pretty good eats for a cleanse 😀 I bet you can’t wait to have sushi. That’s what I missed the most when I did my cleanse, haha.
    If you’re tired of smoothies, you might not like my latest post 😉

    • I really miss sushi. I have twice had a kind of ‘cleanse’ sushi that was unbelievably boring, haha. I miss tempura (yam and avocado rolls, holla!) and oh boy do I miss soy sauce – even just Bragg’s! But this cleanse is soy free. So tough!

  10. This cleanse does not look too horrible! I have always wanted to try one and have been even more interested after reading your last few posts on your cleanse! What is a good cleanse you would recommend for someone who a first timer?!

    I love being able to perfect a new pose, it is a great feeling that many just don’t get! 🙂

    • I would really recommend the Wild Rose for a first-time detoxer, because I was a first-time cleanser with that one and at just 12 days I found it really manageable. Plus it was just herbal pills to swallow rather than any funny food to eat, and avoiding sweet stuff was hard but other than that the dietary restrictions weren’t too difficult. But I think you’ll feel a LOT better!

  11. your Brussels and sushi and banana/blueberry bread all look awesome!

    and i LOVE bird of paradise pose; binding, lengthening, balance…combines so many elements and I love that.


  1. […] This is one of those dishes that is the ultimate comfort food, and yet so good for you that I’ve been able to have it (many, many times!) on my current cleanse. […]

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