June Blog Love

It’s that time again!

Time to spread the loooveee…

I’ve got some exciting new additions to my blogroll this month and can’t wait to showcase some of my favourite June posts from the blog world.

To start with, let’s recap the top 3 posts from The Guiltless Life for June:

Clearly you guys like the protein treats as much as I do! Thanks for reading, as always :).

Now onto some of my picks from the blog world this month…

  • With my birthday coming up on Sunday, I am in a birthday frame of mind, and I thought Meg’s round-up post about her birthday was awesome. She reflected on how far she’s come in this past year and included tons of photos showcasing a great birthday, complete with good times with family, relaxation and an awesome looking chocolate cake and pumpkin trifle…so a belated Happy Birthday Meg!
  • From one celebration to another, Happy 1-Year Anniversary to Katie and her husband Mike! They celebrated in major style, but what I really wanted to give a shout-out to Katie for was her fantastic new link party, Marvelous in my Monday. I am linking to the most recent post, but they’ve been going on for a few weeks now so you can check them all out on her blog. I link my posts up whenever I can and really love the positive energy she’s always putting out, so thank you Katie!

Copyright to healthydivaeats.com

  • Okay, okay, so technically this post was put up just at the end of May, but I finally got around to making it this month and it’s so phenomenal I had to make sure I shared! A perfect light mayo-less potato salad with all of that flavour you expect from a fab potato salad! It’s so great for summer – you’ll want to take it along to your next BBQ and wow everyone. Thanks to Kristine for the fabulous recipe!

Copyright to busybuthealthy.com

  • Sam at Fit for my Fork is one of my new blogroll additions and I am so thrilled to have ‘met’ her! She’s a Canadian girl living in England but about to move back to Canada – Calgary, specifically. It just so turns out I’ll be in Calgary towards the end of July for the birth of my sister’s baby, so we are definitely planning a meet-up! I just loved this thought-provoking post Sam wrote, discussing recent study statistics that showed few youngsters know where their food is coming from. It’s quite depressing, really! You have to read this post and see if the stats surprise you. She also talks about the Never Seconds blog which most of you have probably heard of already, and it has been causing quite a stir in the UK!

Copyright to fitformyfork.wordpress.com

  • Jocelyn blogged about the 3 green vegetables we should all be eating. I’m pretty good with the broccoli, but I definitely need to tackle my fear of kale and get into the Swiss chard too! It’s a great post highlighting the nutritional benefits of all of these greens!
  • I don’t think anyone’s ever had a better idea than Jenn’s decision to put a carrot cake muffin inside a baked sweet potato for her Carrot Cake Stuffed Sweet Potato recipe! Yes, she was pretty excited in that post – and with darn good reason! Hello? Doesn’t that just sound like the most fabulous blast of vitamin A your tastebuds will ever get??

Copyright to peasandcrayons.com

  • Last but DEFINITELY not least, the organizational freak in me wants to leave you with my dream link! Ari put together the most phenomenally comprehensive pantry list and a gorgeous grocery list template for y’all over at The Diva Dish. Don’t miss it!

Copyright to thediva-dish.com


  • Any great links you want to share? Don’t be shy,  you can link up to your own posts!


  1. these are a lot of blogs i don’t visit regularly so i’m excited to sit down when i have a chance and check out all these lovely links. i know you have good taste so i’m sure i will enjoy them as much as you! always love your blog love posts!

  2. I love YOU!

    Why are you so good to me?! I love the positive energy I get from your blog, which is why I love it so much! Plus, you do make some amazing recipes and have a beautiful sense of style 🙂

    Thanks for the love and I am so glad you do join in for MIMM! ❤

  3. Love this blog love post! I’ll have to check out these links~

  4. You are AMAZING!! And I seriously don’t deserve all the sweet stuff you say about me! 🙂
    I love that you highlighted these other blogs, because I miss out on reading a lot of them and it’s a great way for me to hit up some great post! Thanks again girl, you really are a sweet person and I hope to meet you some day! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the love Anna! You’re the sweetest! So glad you liked the potato salad 😉 I so want to try your spaghetti squash lasagna….it looks amazing!

  6. Thank you so much for the congrats Anna!! I love this blog love post! This one is especially nice!!! 🙂

  7. Sam @ Fit for my Fork says:

    Some great links and recipes up there, some of which I’ve already seen and others which are new to me so can’t wait to check those out! Thanks a bunch for linking to me as well! I am so looking forward to meeting you soon!

    • You’re welcome! I already have a meet-up spot picked out for us based on what I read the other day haha. No I’m kidding, we’ll work out somewhere that is close to both of us, but I have just heard really good things about a cafe called Higher Grounds? Maybe we should do brunch or something. So looking forward to it! x

  8. What a fantastic post!!!! How fun! You are a dear, Anna ❤ you totally made my day. So kind and generous ❤ I love you my darling

  9. what a great post! your lasagna looks outrageously delicious! YUM! i can’t wait to check out these new blogs! 🙂

  10. Love this! xoxo

  11. Awesome blog-love post! I agree that those blueberry muffins were awesome and so beautifully captured! Those cupcakes are making me drool right now…

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