My Kind of Protein and Some Protein-Packed Recipes

As I showed you earlier this week, one of my goals for this year is to increase the amount of protein in my diet and to keep my diet ultra clean.

As a vegetarian who limits my gluten and dairy consumption, it can be tough for me to get all of my nutrients and although my diet is healthy, the starch-to-protein ratio is a bit off.

Protein powders are one of my best friends. Traditionally I’ve used Kaizen’s vanilla ice cream flavoured natural whey protein because it’s the first one I tried that really tasted good, but now that I’m trying to avoid dairy I’ve been looking into some other options.

I was at Whole Foods one day when they were sampling this – a protein powder made from pumpkin seeds. I was intrigued, so I sampled it and was really impressed with the taste. When I saw it on sale in my local supermarket a few days ago – a few months after that original sample – I decided to dive in, seeing as my whey protein was nearly dunzo anyway.

I did know that when I sampled it, the testers had made protein smoothies with banana in and – having consumed many a green smoothie myself – I know how good banana is at masking flavours. So I wasn’t 100% sure what the powder’s real flavour was like.

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But yesterday morning I stirred a scoop into my breakfast oatmeal and it was fine. It had a bit of a grainy texture and it made the oats really thicken up more than usual, so I would increase the amount of liquid you usually use in your oats if you’re going to add it to them. I would highly recommend using it for Gina’s protein fluff, green smoothies, oats, protein pancakes, muffins, stirring into yogurt … however you like (see the bottom of this post for links to recipes this would work well in!). I really think just adding it to random snacks throughout the day is the best idea as it’s the best way to sneak protein into your diet throughout the day.

This tub was on sale for $16.99 (Canadian) in my local supermarket. It says it provides 50 servings. The stats are FANTASTIC on pumpkin protein. It is a complete protein with all 18 amino acids, including the 10 essential ones which are so hard for us vegetarians to get! I find them in quinoa, nutritional yeast, etc but I had no idea pumpkin seeds were complete protein sources. One serving is 15 grams and gives 55 calories and 10g protein. That’s pretty impressive considering that my whey protein is 30g per serving and gives 110 calories and 25g protein. This has just a 5g deficit of protein for the same serving size.

In short, I highly recommend this powder. It doesn’t have a strong flavour that would impact any dishes you add it to, and its texture is fine – it’s not as smooth as some whey proteins, it does have some grittiness to it, but it’s not so gritty that you’d notice it in a bad way. And no, I don’t know the owners and haven’t been contacted by the company – this is just something I found on the supermarket shelves, tried and wanted to share with you!

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Looking at the label on the bottle it appears it’s made in Vancouver, BC, so it may only be available at my local Whole Foods because it is a local company. However, check your WF out – it may have it and if not you can always ask!

Or you can buy it on their website for $17.95 here.

Let me know what you think!

And, as promised above, here are some links to recipes you could use this protein powder in:

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  • Protein muffin in a mug – might want to add some sweetener as the powder is not as sweet as most flavoured proteins

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  • Because the powder is not too sweet though, you can use it in savoury recipes too! Try replacing the cornmeal in my sweet potato black bean burgers with this pumpkin protein powder!

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  • Have you heard of pumpkin seed protein powder before?
  • What is your favourite way to sneak protein into your diet?


  1. I’ve never heard of pumpkin seed protein powder, but you’re making me reminisce about the hemp protein powder that is still up in Orlando waiting for me to return. My family has a good supply of whey protein down here, and although it is a good protein, there really is nothing like eating it plant-based

    • Yeah, I totally agree! The hemp is great too, not quite as rich in protein but it’s such a great versatile powder!

  2. I have never seen this powder! I am now wondering if I would like it. I am so in love with sunwarrior but Im always up for trying something new!

    • I think you’d like it. I know you love your Sunwarrior though – might be nice to use this one to vary things up a bit from time to time if you decide to!

  3. Ahhh this powder sounds fantastic! I am surprised I have never even heard of it, as it looks rather ideal to me 🙂 I get my protein mostly from dairy- greek yogurt/cottage cheese, but I am definitely eating more meat these days

    • Lol I’ve been trying to cut down dairy which is why I’ve needed to go more to powders, though I agree that Greek yogurt is just an awesome punch of protein! Good on ya Tessa 🙂

  4. I would love to try this stuff…I’ll probably buy some when I’m finish up my Hemp Protein powder. The pumpkin seed protein powder has considerably more protein than my hemp protein…
    I usually get my protein from veg, beans, tofu, lentils…plant based protein 🙂

    • Yeah, hemp is great and I was looking at it but it wasn’t quite as high in protein as I’d like. But obviously hemp has a done of benefits and is great for you. Thanks for stopping by Danni!

  5. Wow! You and I are on the same wavelength…some of those ideas I have already done posts about things very very similiar!

    I just posted about gluten free oat flour pancakes too and they are also high in protein.

    Protein is so important; good to make sure you are getting enough.

    Since I have been concentrating on it, my nails and hair are so much better!

    • That’s great, I’m glad you’ve had such great results! It’s so hard as a vegetarian to remember to get enough protein, so this powder helps a ton because you can sneak it into anything, even savoury things!

  6. I haven’t tried the pumpkin protein, and I’ve tried every other one in the sun! Glad you like it! I’ve done a bit of subbing with brown rice protein in some of my muffin/banana bread type recipes and its worked pretty well. Just need to add more liquid and stevia.

    • Yes this one definitely requires extra liquid as it dries things out really well – and it isn’t sweetened, so stevia would also be a must! If you see it you should try it, I love it!

  7. I’ve never heard of this brand before! Looks great and in so many things. Thanks for sharing!

  8. That’s a new one to me with that pumpkin protein powder! Fun find!

  9. I’ve only tried chocolate protein powder and have wanted to venture out, but don’t want to buy a huge amount. I try to add it to pancakes and oatmeal as my “hidden” protein. It always works wonders!

    • Yay! The good thing about this jar is it wasn’t as huge as most of the protein powder jars out there, but I hear you. Usually I try to find ones that also sell single-serving packs so I can try them first!

  10. weird. i never would have thought of a pumpkin protein powder!

    • Right?? They were sampling it at Whole Foods and that’s how I ended up trying it, otherwise I’d never have known!

  11. I’ve never heard of pumpkin protein! Very interesting..and neat!

    I’m also trying to incorporate more protein into my diet…as much as carbs are delicious..they only hold me over for a bit of time and then I’m ravenous again..oops! 🙂

    PS Your breakfast quinoa looks delicious! I’ve been looking for a recipe like that for a while..perfect!

    • Aw thanks, that breakfast quinoa is one of my faves – so yum! And yes, protein is so much better at keeping hunger at bay – so important in the post-New Year’s diets!

  12. Interesting find! I have never tried protein powders before but I haven’t been eating much meat lately so maybe I should give it a try

  13. mmmm I love the sound of the pumpkin protein porridge! And the sweet potato black bean burgers. I used to use Vega, but don’t really drink protein powders now. I like beans, grains, and peanut butter for protein 😀

  14. I had never even heard of pumpkin seed protein powder! I’m still trying to find a protein powder that I like enough to justify the price. For now, nut butter and Greek yogurt are my prime protein sources 🙂 And all the recipes look fabulous! The sweet potato burgers and quinoa especially stood out to me 🙂

  15. I’ve never heard of pumpkin seed protein! Thanks for such an informative post.

  16. I have never heard of Pumpkin seed protein either.Thanks for providing the stats on pumpkin seed – so informative.
    I am just thinking about trying a protein powder, especially with no meat dairy or eggs now.

    • Anna @ The Guiltless Life says:

      This is a fab one to try! As it’s made in Vancouver I don’t know how available it is in your part of the world, but you can definitely order it online!

  17. I love using protein powder in recipes because it really is very versatile. I never knew! Protein pancakes and protein oatmeal are my favorites!

  18. I love a good protein recipe! I get sick of the same old smoothies I make with my protein powder! I’m always on the look out for a good recipe I can add protein too, so thank you for sharing these! Those sweet potato burgers are going to be the first I try!!! Sound delicious!

    • Thanks so much Jentry, I hope you love them! I’m actually making them tonight haha :). They work on my cleanse 😉

  19. I’ve never heard of pumpkin seed protein powder but it sounds great! 🙂

    • Anna @ The Guiltless Life says:

      It’s fab, give it a try! Let me know if you like it (you can order online, I’m sure they ship to Germany!)

  20. What are your thoughts on hemp protein powder?

    • I haven’t actually tried hemp protein powder, but I have been trying to incorporate more hemp hearts into yogurt and other areas of my diet to sneak in that extra protein.

      I have a friend who uses hemp protein powder and loves it because she finds it much more easily digestible than whey or other kinds, which could give her gas. The reason I enjoy this pumpkin seed powder is for the high iron content which I need – and for sweet dishes I tend to still stick with my whey protein powder because it just packs such an amazing protein punch at 24g per scoop. Most hemp powders I’ve seen offer half that at the same number of calories. But for some people that isn’t as big of an issue, so I say try it out!

  21. What are your thought on hemp protein powder?


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