May Blog Love

I wasn’t able to read blog posts for much of the end of April/beginning of May due to my eye surgery, but I found that actually made this a bit easier than usual to put together!

Usually I have way too many great posts to choose from, so this time I just focused on the ones that stood out to me from the few I got to read. On average I am now making my way through my blogroll maybe once every three days – I’m sorry, people, I’m really trying! But between work (which is computer-based) and blog writing, it’s still just too much reading for my poor healing eyes.

Here are my top 3 posts from May thus far:

And here are my picks of the best from the blog world so far this month!

I am always looking for inspiration to rejuvenate my salad-making so this post is one I will come back to time and time again! Sara’s salads look FABULOUS.

I am always on the lookout for more dinner recipes. Don’t get me wrong, I love to bake – as is evident by the slant of treat recipes to meal recipes that have appeared on my own blog lately – but realistically, we all eat far more meals than we do treats, right? (Or at least, we should…)! So when I see a new, delish, healthy and vegetarian meal, I am super excited. That is how I feel about this pasta dinner Chelsey posted. For sure on my to-make list for this month! The flavours sound so spring-appropriate too!

Just because I am super sensitive to caffeine doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE the taste of coffee. So I just use decaf when I’m making coffee-flavoured recipes. Char’s oatmeal recipes always amaze me (and I love discovering new oatmeal flavours) – and she posted a stovetop Nanaimo Bar Oatmeal recipe on this blog when she guested for me in March! (Teaser: I made a protein smoothie based off of that oatmeal recipe and it’s delish – I finally photographed it so will be posting it soon!)

Char’s latest flavour of oatmeal will have everyone drooling. I can’t wait to get this cookin’ on my stovetop!

Kelly’s blog is the latest addition to my blogroll but it was such a great find! She blogs gluten-free, sugar-free recipes that look heavenly. Case in point? These N’Oatmeal bars, which are egg-free, grain-free and low on the GI – which we love here at The Guiltless Life!

Kate has been blogging more raw recipes as of late, and I love this because – while I’m not raw – I always love to incorporate raw dishes into my diet. These tacos are the first I’ll try I think!

I wasn’t able to attend Blend Retreat this year but I wish I could have – it sounds like the ultimate weekend party for healthy living bloggers staying out in beautiful cabins in Colorado. The good news for those of us that didn’t go this year is that it sounds like it was such an amazing success that hopefully it’ll be held next year too! Here is one of Katie’s round-up posts – check out her blog for the rest!

How much do I want to try Ari’s healthy alternative to onion rings? Ari can honestly make any dish healthy, and I am always looking forward to recipes that show me new ways to use squash. I can’t wait!

Can we say holy yumminess? I have loved tomato soup ever since I was a little girl. My dad would give me canned Heinz Tomato Soup – still my favourite (British so you can’t get it in Canada without paying $4 something at the British import stores, so it is definitely a treat only now!). Cheese on tomato soup only makes things better so I look forward to recreating childhood memories at home with this recipe!



  1. So wish I could have gone to blend too!!! There’s always next year right (well I hope there is at least). A recipe I really want to try is baked fish & snips. Using crispy gluten free corn crumbs on the fish and parsnips for fries instead of regular potatoes. Seems like a yummy clean take on a fast food fav!

  2. Love when you do a round up of posts! Thanks for including me! I hope you do come to blend next year!!! ❤

  3. oh, thank you SO VERY much for including me again. i really am honored and super happy that you found the salad post interesting and useful! ❤ i would love to see some of your inspired salad creations! have i mentioned you rock my world? because you do. you totally do.

  4. All those recipes look fabulous! I see why you chose them! Next up I want to do a peanut butter & jam sandwich cookie. Yummers!

  5. You seriously are the sweetest! You are always sharing my recipes, and making me blush! Hope your eyes are feeling better soon!!

  6. I really want to try those raw tacos, those sound amazing! And that retreat does sound super fun! Hope you can go next year!

  7. Thanks so much for the love, Anna! And omg, the pasta, the acorn squash rings, those bars, the soup…everything looks amazing!!

    Don’t even apologize about being behind on blogging! I just checked Google Reader and realized I have 74 posts to catch up on 😐 I’ve been a lazy blogger this week, lol.

  8. Yum! All of those looks so good! I agree with the Peas & Crayons post too! Mozzarella balls in tomato soup?!? Why didn’t I think of that?!?

  9. Thanks for blogging about my balls. I mean…. Um… well you know what I mean! =) Love you mucho!!!!!

  10. Everything looks so SO good–especially Jenn’s tomato soup with mozzarella balls! I’m a huge fan of The Spunky Coconut blog too; every one of her recipe’s I’ve tried has been amazing!

    A recipe I’ve been wanting to try for more than a year is cauliflower pizza crust. I feel as though every blogger has made it, and whenever I see a post about it I drool. Yet, for some reason it hasn’t happened in my kitchen yet. Maybe May is the month? 😉

  11. I saw those N’oatmeal bars and am dying to make them!!

  12. ahh I wish I had gone to Blend too, looked like such a fun event! And great links Anna! I want to try the oatmeal bars and pizza crust the most


  1. […] with avocado cream sauce. This is the recipe I said I wanted to try in last week’s May Blog Love post. It was realllly good (though you only need to make half of the sauce recipe, otherwise you have […]

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