Detox Time

So it’s that time of year when everyone you know is suddenly on a cleanse.

I am too, though it’s just a coincidence that the timing worked out this way. My naturopath has been wanting me to do a cleanse for a couple of months, but she knew it would be tough over the holidays so she gave me a couple of other experiments to try instead.

Those experiments didn’t really work, so it’s detox time. My doctor really is a bit stumped as to what’s going on but recommended that if I thoroughly cleanse and detox, then that can’t be a bad place to start.

This has really been an intense detox from the get-go. To help the cleansing process along, my naturopath recommended several lifestyle changes as well, namely:

  • take 30 minutes a day to have quiet time, whether it’s meditation, listening to a relaxation or hypnosis CD or just sitting in stillness
  • do a sauna for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week
  • find a copy of The Hormone Diet and read it!
  • have a colonic

Yup, you read that last one right. I had to get a colonic. Some people swear by these things, others don’t ever want to mess with that area of their body and others have had them and were just kind of ‘meh’ about it.

Part of the colonic machine

I’d probably fall into that last group. I had never had a colonic done before but I am really putting everything I have into sorting these health issues out so if my naturopath recommended one, then I would get one. I went last Saturday, after a yoga class followed by a sauna. Ooh yeah, taking this cleansing thing seriously! (I’ve also been dry brushing regularly).

I have to say the technician who did my colonic was so awesome, she really put my fears to rest and explained every part of the process to me. I don’t think you guys necessarily want to read about it so I will just say feel free to email me if you have more questions and I’ll be more than happy to share my experience! I would say I found it slightly uncomfortable – but in the way that you’re supposed to, where you can feel that you’re being, well, washed out, but I definitely felt cleansed and lighter afterwards, so I guess it did its job!

As for my naturopath’s other recommendations, they make absolute sense:

  • Reading The Hormone Diet and taking quiet time to relax go hand in hand, as my naturopath was trying to get me to understand the impact that stress – and other – hormones have on our bodies and our systems. Giving your body even just 30 minutes a day to tune out and relax gives ourselves a break from the chronic stress we experience most of the time.
  • Doing a sauna (infrared is best as it goes the deepest, but any sauna or steam room is good) is critical, as my naturopath explained that our skin is such a critical organ and it takes in so many toxins, so giving ourselves a really good sweat is so important to help detox. On days I do a hot yoga class, that counts as a sauna. Otherwise dehydration is a sure bet!

When I went to see my naturopath about detoxing, she had the Thorne MediClear 3-week cleanse out for me to start.

I had also seen the Wild Rose Herbal Detox online and in Whole Foods and asked her about that and she said, seeing as we want to do a really good cleanse, I may as well do the Wild Rose and then follow it up with the Thorne cleanse. So I’m in for 4 and a half weeks of cleansing (the Wild Rose is a 12-day detox)!

I’m on Day 5 now. I feel good, though Day 3 (Sunday) had me seriously missing my dark chocolate. I also have had a headache the last couple of days which has been crummy. Otherwise I’m okay, though I’ve been laying really low and not going out much except for exercise, as I just find it easier to eat on this cleanse the food that I’ve made at home, as I know it’s ‘allowed’ food. I’ll be blogging more about what I’ve actually been eating tomorrow.

I will say I am definitely looking more forward to the Thorne MediClear cleanse, which allows for all fruits to be consumed and some natural sweeteners. I’m not wanting tons of sweet stuff but having absolutely nothing with any sweetness is just really boring to me at this point. I was never really a ‘salty snack’ kind of girl so my snack options are seriously boring – rice cakes with almond butter and an apple is really all I’ve got going for me.

I can tell you I am in love with unsweetened applesauce – that warmed in the microwave with some cinnamon on is the closest thing I have to dessert right now so I worship every bite, haha.

Copyright to

You probably could eat stevia on this detox as it is a plant, but part of doing a detox is re-training your taste buds to not crave sweets so often. The fact that I am now having a freshly juiced apple and spinach drink and finding it divinely sweet means that I am on my way to curbing my sweet tooth again which was much needed after the holidays and all of the baking I consumed, even if it was naturally sweetened – it’s still sweet, and your brain still processes it as “I had sweets, so give me more!”

I will blog some of the eats I’ve been having on the cleanse tomorrow – some of them have been surprisingly tasty, and are recipes I will probably add to my regular list!


  • I don’t really know what people want to know about a detox experience so if you have anything you’d like to hear about specifically, please let me know in the comments!


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing and good luck! Can you tell us for about what foods you are eating on each program? I am thinking about a cleanse and am worried about food prep during the week and getting bored easily. I’d love to hear more about what you’re doing!

  2. Good luck girl! Im sure the first few days will be tough but then it will be ok from there!!!

    Happy Tuesday girl! ❤

  3. Sounds like you’re on track and doing great! I’ve had colonics too. I think they helped a bit…back then I wasn’t feeling great. Now, I wouldn’t see a need for it. I can typically take care of any issues now with diet 🙂 Gluten free and limit dairy occasionally if I need to, and limited sweets.

    • Thanks Kristine! I already feel better with the cravings – now if I want something sweet I find I am craving freshly squeezed juice, which has to be a good thing right?? Thanks for the info about your colonics! Prob won’t do one again but I did appreciate how I felt after!

  4. Oooo Honey Bunny! How is that book???? I would love to know more about stress and hormones, I think I have these issues 😉 LOL

    Hahaha, well, sounds like your right on your healthy track and you’re going to ROCK THIS!! WOO HOO!!

    As for Davids Tea, I believe there are a few in the Vancouver Area {Kits and stuff} but the one by me is in Brentwood Mall!


    • It’s a fabulous book! Lots of quizzes etc and tons of info. I am devouring it! Thanks for the David’s Tea tip – I used to live in Burnaby, up till a few months ago! Though it was South Burnaby, but still 🙂 xx

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this Anna! You’ve really motivated me to not put off the cleanse I’ve been planning and have given such great ideas! I’m going to order that book asap! I’m so excited to hear and learn more! Good luck with the rest of the cleanse. It sounds like you’re doing an awesome job!


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